In Spring 2020, I was part of a team of students who represented Western Kentucky University in the annual National Student Advertising Competition. The assignment was to create a campaign for the launch of Adobe’s newest suite of business tools, the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising. The final campaign book included materials for strategy, copy, design, and more.

I served on the video team, creating a series of video materials for promotional use.

Animated Logos

Firstly, I created a series of animated logos to display at the end of advertisements, social media reels, informational videos, and more.

The short logo animation begins with the Adobe logo. The graphical element then slides to the side, and the letters of “Adobe” separate to reveal the tagline created by the WKU student team, “do less. be more.”

I created a series of 6 animated logos featuring the same graphic with different colored backgrounds to match the signature jewel tones of the Adobe branding.

Promotional Advertisements

To demonstrate the brand message of the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising, I created three sample advertisements. Because we were unable to film original footage due to quarantine restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these videos rely on stock footage and images.

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